Theoretical Studies of Scattering, Structure, Dynamics and Imaging in Electronic Systems


School of Physics, Room 211, Physics Podium - The University of Melbourne

A workshop held jointly by the Theory Groups of ARC Centre for Coherent X-ray Science (CXS),ARC Centre for Antimatter-Matter Studies (CAMS) and the Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics, UoM (TCMP)


  • Keith Nugent, (Director, CXS) Coherent X-ray Science
  • Igor Bray (Deputy Director, CAMS) Antimatter-Matter Studies; The convergent close coupling approach to atomic collisions
  • Les Allen (TCMP) Atomic resolution imaging
  • Andris Stelbovics and Philip Bartlett (CAMS) Exterior complex scaling approach to electron-atom scattering
  • Scott Findlay (TCMP) High-energy inelastic electron scattering in condensed matter
  • Andrew Martin (TCMP) Phase Imaging of a gold-vacuum interface
  • Tim Gureyev (CXS) Survey of phase retrieval methods in X-ray imaging and tomography
  • Anatoli Kheifets (CAMS), Close-coupling approach to single and double photoionisation of atoms
  • Harry Quiney (CXS) Molecular electronic structure, electrodynamics, and imaging
  • Olena Ponomarenko (CXS) Quantum Dynamical simulations of high harmonic generation in small molecules
  • Dmitry Fursa (CAMS) Fully relativistic approach to electron-atom collisions
  • Andrey Lugovskoy (CAMS): Attosecond laser pulse interactions with Rydberg atoms
  • Feng Wang (Swinburne) Information from both sides of the coin: application of EMS to study biomolecules
  • Alisher Kadyrov (CAMS) Formal ionisation theory for Coulomb three-body problems

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