Biological Samples and Preparation Workshop


Institute of Advanced Study Meeting Room, La Trobe University



This seminar will address two sides of the issue in imaging biological samples with xrays. Some of the biological imperatives that provide the imaging goals for coherent diffractive imaging along with examples of biological samples and practicalities t do with their preparation will be given. Existing x-ray tomography capability will be reviewed as well as the capabilities and challenges related to the CXS approach to coherent diffractive imaging. Limitations due to x-ray dose and damage will be discussed and it is intended to review what samples may be feasible in the near future.



  • Brian Abbey - Radiation damage
  • Benedicta Arhatari - X-ray Tomography
  • Connie Darmanin - 2D Crystals
  • Eric Hanssen - X-ray Tomography/Cartilage
  • Jacqui Gulbis and Oliver Clarke - Membrane Protein Preparation and Crystallisation
  • Mark Pfeifer - New Instrumentation/ End Station
  • Corey Putkunz - High Resolution Tomography
  • Sven Teichmann - HHG Samples

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